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Originally marketed as a country singer, multi Grammy award winner, Mary Chapin Carpenter, has in recent years become increasingly difficult to pigeon hole stylistically. For THE THINGS THAT WE ARE MADE OF, she has teamed up with famed producer Dave Cobb and come up with 11 new songs which slot firmly into easy listening, veering only once towards country rock with Map Of My Heart.

Every song is a classic, with beautiful, thoughtfully constructed lyrics. On Oh Rosetta the artist shares her secret thoughts with a friend who she regards as a sister

and on the opening track, Something Tamed Something Wild, MCC muses over the past whilst looking into the future, taking advantage of lessons learnt; probably the nearest thing to a country song on the album.

Dave Cobb plays electric, acoustic and gut string guitar, moog and mellotron as well as sharing percussion duties with Chris Powell. There are contributions from Annie Clements (bass), Brian Allen (bass), Mike Webb (keyboards, Fender Rhodes) and Jimmy Wallace (keyboards).

I really liked Deep Deep Down Heart; its atmospheric backing perfectly suited to the lyrics as Mary shares her innermost thoughts and struggles to understand how the sky holds the night and how we know what we know.

Look out for a summer UK tour; she’s already confirmed for the Cambridge Folk Festival on 31 July. I can’t recommend this album highly enough; play it when you are tired; sleep guaranteed! John Roffey

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