If your mascara is too gooey or wet, use a tissue to blot lashes after coating on.

I find that I get good lash separation if I roll the wand as I am combing it through the lashes.

Always apply mascara to the upper lashes from underneath and to the lower lashes from on top. (Putting mascara on the top of upper lashes looks heavy and gloppy.)

Always use less mascara on your lower lashes.

For a cleaner, more open look to your face, try skipping your lower lashes altogether. (Remember this option for a day when you are tired-looking or pressed for time.)

Always apply mascara with the wand held parallel to the floor. Never point the tip of the mascara into your eye. It causes clumps and is quite dangerous.

Never apply mascara in a moving vehicle.

Waterproof Mascara: A good idea if you are going to be filmed for video or television, play sports, or plan to cry at a function. Always wear waterproof mascara to weddings, especially your own. I don’t recommend it for daily use, however, since it can be drying to the lashes. Apply two to three fine, thin coats.

Brown Mascara: A really nice extra to have in your makeup kit for minimal makeup days. It creates a gentle, soft look. (If you wipe down the wand, brown mascara also works as a brow filler for blondes and brunettes.)

Thickening Mascara v. Lengthening Mascara: I prefer lengthening formulas since most go on more evenly and look more natural. Clumping occurs more often with thickening mascaras. (The remedy for clumping is to take a tissue and wipe down the mascara wand before applying but a better alternative is to use a thinner formula.)

Navy and Other Brightly Colored Mascaras: I don’t recommend using these. Curling Lashes If you ask the question Do I need to curl my lashes? the answer is probably no. You are probably lucky enough to have a natural lift to your lashes. Just for fun, though, you may want to try curling your lashes for a special occasion.

If, however, you have straight lashes, curling may be a daily necessity to open up your eyes.

To curl your lashes, look straight into the mirror and press firmly down on lash curler for five to ten seconds. Roll curler slightly up and away while holding. Then repeat on other eye.

Always curl lashes before you apply mascara; otherwise, you risk damaging or breaking lashes.

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