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Fading Hair Color

According to esteemed hair colorist Ruth Roche of New York, “color’s worst enemy is water.” In most cases, fading color is actually due to the amount of water your hair is exposed to, rather than how often you wash your hair or the type of shampoo you use.

This is because coloring removes the outer layer of your hair, making your hair more porous. It absorbs more water, and as the water runs out of your hair, it takes color with it. So what can you do to limit fading?

Start by only rinsing long enough to get the shampoo or conditioner out of your hair. Otherwise, keep your head out of the stream of water when in the shower. Keep the water lukewarm, as hot water makes the color fade faster, and try to wash your hair every two days maximum, and every three to four days if you can. Dry shampoo in between will keep oil at bay and your locks smelling fresh.

There are also color choices that you can make to minimize fading. Red will always wash out the quickest; the molecules that make up red colors are larger, and therefore rinse out with water easier. If you’ve lightened your hair, this is also likely to fade more quickly than if you darkened it, as the bleach used to lift your natural color makes hair even more porous.

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