May 2018 Favorites Mostly Drugstore Products

Hey Everybody as you can see my hair isn’t short I know a few people were misled from my last post. Because I had my shoulders in the front and my long layers were at the back. So in today’s post I’ll be discussing my may favorites and the first thing I’ve been loving is my Olay age defying night cream.

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And I really like this. Because it doesn’t leave my face feeling greasy after I put it on a formula just absorbs into my skin and it feels like it’s not even there. So it’s really light in terms of the age-defying properties. I’m not quite sure. Because this is only ten dollars. So, if you have deep wrinkles or problem skin then don’t expect this to do much for you I only use this as a moisturizing lotion and this is what the formula looks like as you can see it’s really light is almost like a cream gel texture I use a spatula to scoop the product out. Because I don’t like dipping my fingers into jarred products.

Because that can cause bacteria. So I just scoop a little bit of this and apply it to my face at night and in the morning my face just feels really soft. Because it does have a big fella silly acid. So that’s my new night cream and next is a makeup palette this is the NYX nude on nude palette. And I actually made a tutorial on this already it’s basically a little spin-off of the Urban Decay Naked palette. And I love mixed products I think they’re one of the best drugstore brands. So, if you guys haven’t already you can check this out this isn’t available in Canada, if you watched my last post I was actually sent this by a company called beauty joint calm where they sell discounted NYX products another eyeshadow palette that I’ve been using a lot is my NFL studio eyes shadow colors still they come out like this, and one of these retail for about three to five dollars Canadian depending on where you buy it like which drugstore.

And I have this color which I really like is called fantasy I also really love this green called rain forest. And I always apply these two colors underneath my eyes when. I’m doing a neutral look. Because it just gives your eye a nice pop of color and these aren’t about eye shadows and they’re only available in Canada. So the only way to acquire them is probably through swapping with somebody that lives in Canada. Because I don’t think they sell them anywhere else. But they’re really good they’re really pigmented.

I’m just gonna show you some of the colors. So it’s really nice looks like that. So I turned out to new concealers this month and the first one is my Garnier skin renew anti dark go roller. And I really like this. Because it has a metal ball which cools your eyes I didn’t like this. Because I thought it wasn’t pigmented. But now what I do is I apply some underneath my eye and just roll it and massage it and then let it dry for a minute and then I would Pat it out and that offers pretty nice coverage and the nice concealer is the hard candy glamoflauge concealer.

And I got this at my local Walmart usually it’s always out of stock. But last week I went grocery shopping and there were 10 of these in stock. So I picked one up. And I got the shade in medium they only come in three shades one of them is light/medium and the other one is 10 light has a lot of pink undertones medium is the only one with olive undertones and the last one has golden undertones. So I picked this up and it was a pretty good match for me when I first use this I actually didn’t like it. Because I thought it was extremely cakey and the reason for this. Because I applied way too much of this the first time I used it.

So now I just apply a little bit and then I would just smudge it on my eye area. And I think it’s nice for that and for the price you can’t beat it this was six dollars in my Walmart and it comes with 20 grams sold that is a lot of product. Because my HG drugstore concealer is my Maybelline and this one is the h2 fine concealer this is my favorite. But the only thing is it it contains 2.7 milliliters of products on each end. And I never use the highlighter side I only use the concealer side. So, if you compare it this was $10 by the way this is 2.

7 milliliters and this is 20. So you’re getting a lot more product in here and not only that this is really pigmented. So last a long time. So I think this has become probably my new favorite drugstore concealer. Because you’re getting with so much bang for your buck the next thing is a lipstick and this is the NYX round lipstick in pumpkin pie and it’s just a peachy nude shade. But it has shimmer in it is absolutely gorgeous. I’m not wearing it right now though.

But this is the color. So it looks like that and it’s shimmery and this is a nail polish that I painted on my nails twice this month and it’s by Essie it’s called tart deco in the bottle it looks like a really pretty peachy coral color. But when applied it’s actually more of a tangerine color and almost like a neon color. And I sported it in a few of my last posts. And I had a lot of questions about it for those of you who missed it this was a sea start echo and the nail polish. I’m wearing now from my last post had a few questions. I’m actually wearing Opie eyes nail polish and this is called dulce de leche and for those of you who had dulce de leche you’ll know that it’s kind of a brownie color it’s a really yummy Latin American kind of like a caramel syrup dessert and you put on top of ice cream it’s to die for.

But this actually doesn’t look like the right color even though it’s called that. So it is a misnomer this is more of a sand pink color. So there is definitely pink in here it’s not completely brown like the desert and the next product is by Physicians Formula this is the happy booster bronzer. And I picked the darkest shade and it looks like this, it’s really cute what sold me was the little pink hearts and they’re raised and the hearts have different colors. But when you mix them all together it’s a really nice brown I think on lighter skinned people it might look a bit muddy. But for my skintone it’s perfect it looks really dark in the pan. But when you apply it’s actually somewhat share well not really sure you can see the color.

But it’s really light and it’s buildable and underneath there’s a mirror and also comes with a little brush which I really don’t like. Because it’s just really scratchy even though it’s really cute it’s just way too Scratchy. So I just might use this to clean my keyboard I’ll be cleaning my keyboard in style and my new favorite eyeliner is the Maybelline Life stiletto I like this. Because it has the same felt tip liner as my L’Oreal liner intense. But I don’t like the liner intense anymore. Because it’s extremely streaky and it’s not as pigmented. So now.

I’m gonna show you how pigmented it is this is seen I blame my stiletto. I’m just going to go like that and as you can see it’s really dark it’s jet black and this is the L’Oreal liner intense this used to be my favorite until they changed the formula. So here is that one. So there it is as you can see it’s at the tribe’s it turns into a lighter of black which totally sucks. Because it used to be like the top one. But they change the formula. So now I like the Maybelline my stiletto and not only that it’s actually a couple bucks cheaper than the Lory the last product I have is this this is actually my newest hair mask for those of you follow me you know my favorite hair mask is my macadamia natural oil deep repair mask.

But I ran out. And I wanted to try something different. So I picked up the Moroccan oil there was a lot of hype about this I wanted to try both out and this is what the formula looks like. So it’s kind of gooey and the scent smells quite nice too. But to be honest I didn’t really like well I like this, for a hair mask. But it wasn’t as good as my macadamia natural oil. Because when I use this and then when I rinse it off my hair feels moisturized.

But it also feels really thick it doesn’t feel silky when I use my macadamia natural oil. And I rinse off my hair I just feel like my hair is silky smooth and it feels like silk and it actually makes my hair softer I find that this actually makes my hair thicker. So I think this nourishes and strengthens your hair where’s the macadamia oil when it soft ends in and smoothes it. So they’re both good. But I’d actually want my hair to be soft. So when. I’m done this.

I’m gonna go back to my macadamia natural oil. So that’s it for my may favorites I hope you guys enjoyed this post. And I will talk to you in my next one bye.

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