Maybelline One Brand Tutorial 2 Everyday Red Lips Makeup

Hi everyone. I’m gonna do my makeup because I have to go out later Actually I didn’t plan to shoot today but yesterday I bought some new makeup products and I can’t wait to try them out so I thought I’ll make a chatty get ready with me kind of post Let’s get started I went to Matahari looking for underwear but don’t know why I went to cosmetics department instead and Maybelline is having a promotion, 60% off for second products I chose a few products from there I got a BB Cushion, Blush, Lipstick and Eyebrow pencil I’ve been wanted to try this BB cushion so badly I finally got it and the shade is light I haven’t open it yet huh? Gonna try it out. So excited It only has 2 shades, the light one actually is a bit light on my skin but the other shade it too dark.

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So I better choose the lighter one This is the result with 1 layer I can’t give my opinion about this yet so let’s continue with our makeup Now I’m using this concealer and a lot of you have been asking me where I got this I bought this from Tokopedia and the shade is Light I’m blending it with a sponge because it looks better with it Now I want to draw my brows and I got this Fashion Brow pencil I was a bit confused because I had another fashion brow too But my previous one is gone already so I need to buy a new one I’m drawing a straight korean eye brow today it’s so creamy I think the eyebrow pencil is so creamy and pigmented if you like a stronger brow, you will like this I think the eyebrow seems to dark, I don’t know may I am not used to it I’m gonna use The nudes palette today and I’ve told you before that this palette is not pigmented on my skin So I’m gonna use a primer first. it’s from Mizzu I combine this two colours together Next, combine these 2 colours Apply it on the outer corner Now I’m gonna curl my eyelashes I’m using Maybelline Big eyes and I always use this and it’s going to run out soon.

Yes! We can use either black or brown eyeliner but I want this look to be softer, so I use brown This is from TonyMoly I only draw a slightly winged liner and it looks like this I’m going to use a super natural looking lashes I got this from SASA Singapore We can use black eyeliner and fill in the empty space between our lashes I will slightly curl my own lashes and the fake one together so they blend nicely Apply mascara on the lower lashes too Taking this colour to highlight my inner eye corner Now I’m using the blush from Maybelline Color Show in Creamy Cinnamon Hope it looks good on me I bought a new lipstick because it’s 60% off. It become very cheap. Only $3 or $4 It’s Color Sensational So Nude 33S The colour is very pretty, It’s has a little bit of peach, nude and pink I think this colour is so wearable and suitable for daily makeup Because the colour is so nice and it help our complexion look more fresh I feel like wearing red lipstick so today’s makeup is like a daily red lips makeup This is the makeup look, as you can see it’s very simple and easy to follow We can use red lipstick for everyday basis without looking too overdone Now I’m going to give my review about this BB Cushion The packaging is quite pretty and quality is just ok But the colour is a bit grey tone and it’s just the same as a regular BB cream When we use it, people will know that we are using a BB cream ( not so natural on skin ) I rate this 3.5 out of 5 because it didn’t make my face look glowy, healthy or flawless I think it’s not so special but yeah, you can try if you want Thank you so much for reading this get ready with me post I named this post Maybelline makeup tutorial because I used 90% of Maybelline’s product So it’s like the 2nd version of my Maybelline One Brand Makeup tutorial If you haven’t read the first one, I will link it in the description box and I just realised that I wore the same top with the previous one Don’t forget to LIKE and comment to my blog if you haven’t already Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon.

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