Hi guys, so for today’s post, I will make swatches, review, and 50 layers of lipstick challenge from Maybelline Powder Mattes So, Powder Mattes is the first ultra lightweight lipstick from Maybelline So, the texture is super light Before reviewing, I will show you the swatches of the color first and right now, I will review this product so, the pros of this lipstick is super light weight the result creates a-not-heavy look this lipstick is also pigmented, especially for the vivid one I will show you Using it on the lips, it feels really smooth It doesn’t dry the lips It creates velvety powdery finish As usual, I will suggest you to exfoliate your lips before applying matte lipstick for better result for transfer proof test, I will test it now Okay, this is the result there is only a little for the color, It is quite complete and varies This lipstick is divided into 4 categories which are nude, pink, orange, and red and now, I will show you favorite shade of mine for each category for the nude, my favorite is Make Me Blush this one is what I’m using right now It is the combination of coral, peach, and nude I really like this shade.


So, from the nude category, I like two among them The other one is Touch of Nude This one is bestseller, it is sold out everywhere The nude color is really good. There is no peach and pink in this shade. It is literally nude But it doesn’t create pale or ill look That’s why lots of people like this shade For orange category, my favorite is Avenue C. I love this color For pink category, there are lots of choices But the one I like the most is Technically Pink This one is more like muted pink. It is kind of like purple. The color is unique So I love it For the red category, I really like Red-Dy Red The red color is bright. It is like this When I use this, my skin will be enlightened So I like it This is actually not the recent product from Maybelline. This is already produced since the early year, if I’m not mistaken but this is the most lightweight matte lipstick from Maybelline. It is not heavy and doesn’t dry the lips If we try to compare with liquid lipstick, this one is really comfortable and moistures the lips, yet stay pigmented for this lipstick, there are several things to be noted because this lipstick is super smooth and creamy, apply gently on lips. don’t be too keen if you press it hard, the lipstick will melt into the inside part. if you press it too hard, it will break the lipstick be careful while using this while choosing the color, don’t look at the color of the paper as some of them are different with the color of the lipstick itself So, before you buy, do read the swatches in this post or you can surf on google the swatches or do the swatcher in the counter so that you don’t choose the wrong color that’s all about the review.

Overall, I really enjoy this lipstick and now, as this lipstick claims for its lightweight texture, I will make challenge where I will use 50 layers of this lipstick and we will see whether it stays good, smooth, not cracky, and so on now, we will start the challenge. I will use the Touch of Nude shade Okay, let’s start this is the 50th layers so this is the result of 50 layers Powder Matte lipstick I am really shocked because I have never used 50 layers of this and honestly, the result is still really good, not cracky, not thick, still smooth and light can’t you see guys? oh no, the challenge is accomplished well So that’s it! I hope you guys enjoy this post don’t forget to like, comment, and turn on the notifications so you can keep updated So see you guys in my next post, bye!.

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