Hi guys, in this today’s post, I am going to review the most recent cushion from Maybelline, which is Super Cushion Ultra Cover so this is actually the upgraded version of the former cushion from formula, coverage, packaging, sponge, they have been upgraded. so, today I will review this product in detail the plus point of this product and also resistance test for this cushion so, let’s get started first of all, for the packaging, actually for mine, this one is special edition because in this cushion, my picture is inserted and I really like this because I look so gorgeous in the picture, I love it so much when the cushion is opened, the packaging is all black, making it feel more elegant and classy the sponge is also changing, it becomes softer and more pillowy the shades of this cushion are natural beige and sand beige the sand beige shade is darker on my skin, so I choose the natural beige the sand beige is actually a little bit brighter on my skin, but it is still okay since we can still use bronzer to outsmart it now, for the formula, the plus point of the cushion is coverage.


This is a really high coverage cushion. with one tap, it could cover all blemishes on our face. and even though the coverage is really high like a foundation, this cushion is very light weight, as if we were using BB cream then, this product is also having SPF50 PA++, so while using this product, we can also protect our skin from UV rays and for today’s post, I will compare this super cushion ultra cover with foundation. I will use this cushion half of my face and the rest will be covered by high coverage foundation so, you can see the result of the comparison so, this is my bare face. I only use eyebrows kit and liptint. and I also use new camera. This camera is showing sharp view, so you guys can see all the blemishes on my face clearly so, on my left side, I will use Maybelline Super Cushion Ultra Cover while using this, I will also give tips to you. As this cushion is high coverage, don’t use it too much, only apply a little amount of it.

Then, gradually build it up the shade is a little bit bright but when it is set, the color will not be really bright as the time we try to even it on our face using cushion, we can dab it on our face slowly, not by dragging the sponge. so that the product stays blended on our face now, the remaining is forehead. I will apply a little amount. so, this is the one layer use of cushion. If you have scars or whatever that needs extra coverage, you just have to apply more. Mine is dark circle, so I will give extra tap to that part. so, this is the result of Maybelline Super Cushion Ultra Cover.

I use only one layer, but I think one layer is more than enough to cover blemishes and even the skin tone and as this is high coverage, we just have to apply a little amount because too much amount while using high coverage product will make us look cakey just use the right amount this cushion gives semi-matte look and more fresh skin. In the right side, I will apply my most high coveraged foundation. So I will directly use the foundation and blend it with sponge So this is the result of the foundation. Actually the foundation that I use is really a high coverage one. but, in my opinion, this cushion’s coverage ability is higher than the foundation So, I think this cushion is really crazy. It’s so amazing So, now, I will use one more layer in order to make the same coverage So, this is the result. Actually I love both the cushion and foundation but I personally think that the cushion is more light weight than the foundation. The cushion also has better coverage than the foundation. I apply one layer for the cushion and two layer for the foundation, but while seeing myself on the mirror, I feel like the cushion’s coverage ability is just better than the foundation tho I have used two layers of the foundation when I touch my skin that is applied cushion, it is not sticky at all and doesn’t leave any trace of my fingers So, that is the review.

Now we will try to have the resistance test. I will use this till afternoon or night and give the report to you about the result. Hi guys, so it’s 8.35 pm. I think that the foundation and cushion are still applied on my skin. But I think, for the foundation, it makes my nose part more oily and shiny than the cushion I am impressed with the resistance of the cushion, because I am used to using cushion that is easy to wear off whereas the foundation has better resistancy but this one has been tested, the cushion is as good as the foundation and even a little better than the foundation and when I touch my skin, I feel my skin is oily on the foundation side, but I don’t feel oily on the cushion side. It only looks shiny but doesn’t feel oily at all. So that’s all about the review. I shoot this still at afternoon. I hope you enjoy the review. I hope this post is useful for you. Don’t forget to like if you like this post and don’t forget to comment my blog. Turn on notification of my blog. See you next time, bye!.

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