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Homemade Tropical Rosemary Hair All

coconut oil rosemary (fresh or dried) Note: The amounts needed vary on the size jar you use for making the herbal oil.

Fill a jar with rosemary leaves (either fresh or dried), melt coconut oil and pour into the jar to cover the rosemary and to fill the jar. Then follow Directions for Herbal-infused Oils with Heat on p. 223. Pour strained oil into wide-mouth jars and let cool and solidify. This produces a very stable oil. Yield varies.

To melt coconut oil, place oil in a heat-proof measuring cup and put cup in a pot partially filled with water over a flame. Medium bob haircut with bangs Remove from heat when oil has melted.

Note that fresh rosemary leaves, unlike most other fresh leaves, contain very little water, and that the heat used for infusion will evaporate any existing moisture. So when straining the oil no water should appear after the straining process.

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