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This continues from the previous visualization of the beautiful country house and is intended to take you to even deeper levels of meditation.

As you watch those fish you notice that the centre of the pond is very deep. It could be the top of a disused well. You take from your pocket a silver-coloured coin, and toss that coin so that it lands over the centre of the pond, and then you watch as it swings down through the water The ripples drift to the edges of the pond, but you just watch that coin as it sinks deeper and deeper through that clear water sometimes it seems to disappear as it turns on edge, at other times a face of the coin catches the sunlight and it flashes through the water sinking, drifting deeper and deeper twisting and turning as it makes its way down Finally it rests at the bottom lying on a cushion of soft brown mud, a silver coin in that still, clean water on its own cushion of mud And you feel as still as that coin, as still and cool and motionless as that water, enjoying that feeling of inner peace and stillness.

Watch the ripples as the coin lands in the very centre of the pond. Look even more closely as it tumbles down through the water personal development Affirmations are a deceptively simple device that can be used by anyone and they are remarkably effective. Try to use this method while in the meditative state, having planned and memorized the affirmations involved. These powerful, positive phrases will improve communication with all parts of your mind.

All you need is a simple phrase summing up how you want to be.

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