Medium curly haircut

I couldn’t stop the tears Lucas was born two weeks early in April 2016. The caesarean had left me exhausted but holding our little 7lb 10oz boy, all that was forgotten. Medium curly haircut With tufts of black hair and hazel brown eyes, he looked just like his big sister. I felt giddy with happiness and was barely listening as the doctor started talking… until he said two words: Down’s syndrome.’ I thought I hadn’t heard properly. Medium curly haircut But as I turned to Dominic, the look on his face told me I’d heard perfectly. Now they were telling me that Lucas had a gap between his toes and a wide bridge on his nose – too subtle to be picked up by our scan – which were telltale indicators of Down’s syndrome. I couldn’t stop the tears. I’d loved Lucas since finding out I was pregnant Down’s syndrome didn’t change that. But now, less than an hour into his life, Medium curly haircut I was already mourning his future. We returned home the next day. Isabella showered her new brother in kisses, while Alexander simply said, Baby.’

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