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Fight or Flight Response

The brain registers danger and sends messages along the nerves to different muscles and organs to react accordingly (nervous/muscular system).

The heart beats faster, Medium curly haircut pumping out blood to muscles and areas in need and you start to sweat (circulatory system).

The breathing rhythm changes: you start to breathe faster due to more air being drawn in through the bronchial tubes as they expand (respiratory system).

The digestion slows down (digestive system).

Increased production of certain hormones, such as adrenaline and noradrenaline (hormonal system).

Organs – Meridians

The balanced functioning of our body is controlled by 12 vital internal organs. In Oriental medicine the organs have a wider meaning than in the West, based on their physiological and energetic function. Each has a different quality of energetic movement and responsibility and is linked to a meridian, or energy channel, named according to the internal organ it affects. The meridians run in pairs either side of the body, and they ensure the successful nurturing of energy, known as Chi.

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