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The law is best illustrated by example. In the 19th century it was a custom among German women to take the’hefc Valerian as a stimulant. Medium edgy haircuts The practice was abused and overtaxed the nervous system. Yet, given in minute doses, Valerian relaxes the nervous system, and is one of homeopathy’s main remedies for insomnia.

The doses used in homeopathy are so minute that they cannot be acting directly on the physical body. Hahnemann considered that what they did was act dynamically: in other words, the energy of the remedy stimulated the natural healing energy of the body. If it had been in a state of disharmony, then it would be propelled back to its former healthy state homeopathy and health Homeopathy is not only an energy medicine, it is also holistic. Homeopaths convincingly argue that the body is much more than the sum of its various parts, and that the mind, the emotions and indeed the organs are somehow intricately interconnected. Consequently, the treatments they give are more rounded than those found in traditional medicine. They are not just aimed at the symptom, but at the whole person.

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