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An effortless sound, repeated with the natural regular rhythm of breathing, can have the same soothing, Medium haircut with swoop bangs liberating effect as the constant natural sound of running water rustling leaves or a beating heart The single sound, or mantra as rt is known, is used to blot out the chatter” of intrusive thoughts, allowing the mind to find deep repose. Speaking or chanting a mantra as a flowing stream of endless sound is a very old method of heightening a person’s awareness by concentrating the senses. The simple gentle sound “om”, or aum”, is sometimes known as the first mantra, which is literally an instrument of thought The curving Sanskrit (the ancient language of Hindus in India) symbol for this primordial word represents the various states of consciousness: waking, dreaming deep sleep and the transcendental state.

However the actual sound need not be a special word or incantation; something simple and meaningful will be as effective.The sound of the word calm spoken or thought with each exhalation can be very effective, especially while imagining tension leaving your body. Any word that appeals to you will do.

Repeating a mantra takes you into a world of peace and harmony.


You can use your sense of touch in a lulling soothing way to induce a state of meditation at times of stress. Young children do this when they adopt a satisfyingty smooth ribbon or piece of fabric to hold and manipulate when they are feelingtense.The same technique is seen all over the Middle East where strings of worry beads are rhythmically passed through the fingers at difficult moments to focus the mind and calm anxiety.Their uniform size, gentle round shapes, smooth surfaces and rhythmic, orderly clicking as they are passed along their string all assist the meditative state. Use one or two smooth, rounded stones in the same way, passing them slowly from hand to hand.

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