All types of fringes (bangs) can be flattering to older faces, but they should never look neglected with root regrowth. Most salons offer special fringe colouring services, so keep yours fully highlighted, to lift the look of your face and the rest of your hair.


I have never understood why someone would choose to like or follow someone or something on social media just so that they can make negative comments. It is an odd thing, but people feel much more confident making nasty comments (anonymous or otherwise) from the privacy of their own screen and saying things that they would never say to someone is face. It can be hard not to take comments like these personally, especially when they are targeted and specific. I have been known to just delete comments that serve no purpose other than being nasty! You can also choose to de-friend someone, put them on a limited-profile setting or completely block them from seeing and commenting on your posts. There will always be people who concentrate on the negative and make other people feel bad about themselves, so try to focus instead on the positive interactions that social media brings your way. If you have ever made negative comments on social media, think about the effect you may have had on the person or persons you commented about. Remember that profiles have real people behind them, with real feelings and emotions. If you don not like something you see online, if you don not have anything positive or constructive to say, then just scroll on by. Think before you type and treat others the way you would want your sister, mother, niece or other family member treated. MY RULES FOR social media dos & do nots It is a good idea to follow a few simple rules when it comes to social media use.

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