Medium haircuts with layers

I see the benefits of weaves because your hair is technically braided and can be left alone. So people have this perception that it grows faster but I think hair grows regardless, especially when taken care of, so figuring out how to maintain the growth without breakage is what I haven’t quite been able to grasp quite yet. I tried extensions, the ones that are like beads, hoping to have some length while my hair grows out. Another big mistake. They completely destroyed my hair and ripped it out, so I won’t be doing that anymore. Again, a lot of my friends and girls on the show wear them and their hair thrives in them. I love how natural they look and how you can wear your hair up or do whatever you want. It looks natural, however, it just didn’t work with the health of my hair. All great hair requires great hair products, especially with the rigors of shooting on set and achieving multiple looks over and over again. Taylour sticks to the basics with a quality shampoo and conditioner. I love Pureology shampoo and conditioner. It’s sulfate-free. I love coconut oil because, I mean, let’s be real, rub it on your body, eat it, rub it on your relationship, rub it on your bills, it’s everything! Hahaha! I’m also a fan of Leonor Greyl Paris; it’s pretty great and smells interesting. Our head of the set’s hair department, Paula Ashby, who I adore, swears by it and always gives me deep conditioners with it when we have time.

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