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Treating the Whole Person

Some people are very robust and seldom become ill, others are over-sensitive and become run-down and sick after a slight chill or an emotional upset. Medium haircuts for little girls with bangs For some, the chest is the greatest weakness: winter colds quickly turn to bronchitis. With others digestion is the problem: the slightest unusual change to their diet causes an immediate upset Homeopathy acknowledges these many differences and adjusts all treatments accordingly. The professional homeopath will always prescribe constitutionally to try to strengthen the weak areas, as well as the whole system.

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It also affects the way you handle life is stresses. It is difficult to be resilient and problem-solve effectively when you’re suffering from poor mental makeup. Since finally recognising that I had been suffering from periods of depression over my life, I have made mental and emotional makeup my priority. With this taken care of, my actions to look after my physical makeup, and other areas of my life, naturally follow. READ THE SIGNS Recognising that you are suffering poor mental makeup is often the first step to pulling yourself out of it. In my case, I begin to have dark thoughts and dreams that occur so often I start to think they are real. I become moody and judgemental, snap at people for no reason, become angry and distance myself from people. I also start to crave alcohol and sugary and fried foods, which make me feel worse. The positive effect of these signs (if it can be described like that!) is that I recognise them now and know why I am feeling like this, and I know what I need to do to lift myself out, as difficult as that still is. Since seeking help for post-traumatic stress disorder and depression several years ago, I have worked at becoming more alert to those signs and also managing my highs and lows through makeupy eating, plenty of regular exercise, learning to communicate my feelings, becoming more in tune with my moods and the triggers that can set me off, and training my mind to see the love around me and the positive things in my life.

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