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Probably the oldest perfume in history, known to have been used for over 4.000 years. Sandalwood has a heavy scent and often appeals to men as much as to women. It has a relaxing, antidepressant effect on the nervous system, and where depression causes sexual inhibitions and problems, Sandalwood can be the answer – a genuine aphrodisiac.

This Asiatic tree produces a gum which is usually dissolved in a solvent to produce the oil. Medium haircuts for long faces It has a wonderful fragrance of vanilla, and is widely used in various kinds of inhalation mixtures. It is good at relaxing the airways, and it can be used whenever tension levels lead to an uncomfortable tight chest or cause restricted breathing.

The Rose-scented Geranium has very useful properties, not least being its ability to bring a blend together to make a more harmonious scent. Geranium has a refreshing, antidepressant quality, good for nervous tension and exhaustion.

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