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I was playing a longer neck like a baritone guitar due to the lack of a dove tail or heel and full access up the neck. Medium haircuts of The upper cut sound hole also proved beneficial so that you could hear yourself better when playing.

The bass response was very full and it didn’t have the sterile sound that you sometimes find in Ovation guitars that feature a plastic rounded back. It has the look and feel of a well-designed futuristic sports car that is built for speed. The Fishman Prefix Plus-T onboard electronics provide volume, notch, contour, EQ settings and a built in tuner.

The Composite Acoustic sounded incredible unplugged but it really delivered when plugged into an acoustic amplifier. Medium haircuts of There is clarity to the tone with no muddiness or dead spots that can be found in some traditional wood guitars. While testing it out in my guitar room my wife and daughter both came in and were impressed by the sound, design and finish of the guitar, which bodes well for me if I decide to buy one for myself!

Some people won’t be able to make the mental or musical leap to Composite Acoustics. Medium haircuts of There are pros and cons to wooden and carbon fibre instruments. A carbon fibre will sound the same in ten years as it does today if you take care of it and in theory a wooden one should sound better. But in the next 20 years as tone woods become harder to fine and more expensive to create acoustic guitars, instrument innovations like these will become less of an option and more of a necessity. If you’re in the market for something different for your next acoustic guitar give the new Composite Acoustic line by Peavey Electronics a listen and a play! Eric Dahl*

Trisha Yearwood is one of the greatest female voices of country music and the wife of country music superstar Garth Brooks. Known for her powerful take on songs written by some of the greatest Nashville writers, and collaborations with some of the biggest stars in country, she had always led the scene. That was until her recent departure from the music scene for seven years left her facing a changed landscape on her return.

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