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Chronic tension all too often leads to a feeling of inescapable exhaustion, Medium haircuts of when we just totally run out of steam. At these demoralizing, difficult times we need a sudden boost, and many oils have a tremendous tonic effect, restoring vitality but without in any way over-stimulating. As a group, the citrus oils are excellent for this purpose, ranging from the more soothing Mandarin to the highly refreshing Lemon oil.

Have a warm, but not too hot bath, with 4 drops Mandarin and 2 drops Orange or 4 drops Neroli and 2 drops Lemon. Alternatively, just add a couple of drops of any of these oils to a bowl full of steaming water Then sit down calmly, and gently begin inhaling. This will soon help you clear away the tiredness and lift your spirits again.

This kind of steam inhalation is a valuable and simple way to receive the benefits of essential oils when either time or circumstance prevents a massage or indeed a bath.

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