Medium Length Haircuts Thick Wavy Hair


Never jump into bed with your hair tied up in a scrunchy, or with clips and pins still in it. Your movements throughout the course of the night will damage and break your hair as it rubs against the pillows.

Contact is available 24/7 through email, texting, Skype, Twitter, you name it. Pictures, too, can be had on a moment is notice, tracking every drop of spittle, every lost tooth, every prom and graduation, from kindergarten to college. All the at the mere flick of an arthritic finger.

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For some of us, this has the additional advantage of fewer in-person visits, along with fewer visits to distant parts of the country, or other parts of the world. Fewer occasions of little ones breaking things when they come to call, or of throwing up on that favorite comforter. Now we can watch them do those things in their own homes.

This new and exciting technology adds a twist to the little ones visits. You no longer have to wave goodbye and feign regret when the visit is over. You simply hit the ‘Off ’ button.

Poof! They are gone.

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