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Ledum palustre

The source of Kali bichromicum, potassium dichromate, is a chemical compound involved in many industrial processes which include dyeing, printing and photography. It especially affects the mucous membranes of the air passages, and is an important sinusitis remedy.

Lachesis is prepared from the venom of the bushmaster snake which is native to South America. It is a chronic remedy best left to expert, professional homeopaths, but it does have an acute use when treating sore throats and also various menstrual problems.

The small shrub known as marsh tea, from which Ledum is derived, grows in boggy places across the cold wastes of the Northern Hemisphere. Medium length trendy haircuts It is primarily a first-aid injury remedy when cold rather than warmth soon brings welcome, soothing relief.

Highly unpleasant thick, strong, lumpy green discharges from the nasal passages or mouth. Headaches in small spots as a result of catarrh.

Dry cough accompanied by sticky, yellow-green mucus.

Sore throats, much worse on the left side. Painful throats where liquids are more difficult to swallow than solids. Menstrual pains and tension improve when the flow starts.

Hot flushes around the menopause.

Puncture wounds from nails or splinters, bites and stings, when pain is eased by cold compresses.

Wounds that look puffy and feel cold.

Injuries to the eye which looks cold, puffy and bloodshot.

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