Medium to long layered haircuts with bangs

Dermis: The skin or corium.

Diuretic: An agent that increases the flow of urine.

Enzyme: A protein produced by the body that initiates and accelerates chemical reactions.

Epidermis: The outer layer of the skin.

Essential nutrient: A substance required for health that cannot be made by the body and must be obtained from the hair diet.

Follicle: A small cavity or gland in the skin.

Free radical: A highly reactive compound derived from air pollution, radiation, cigarette smoke, or the incomplete breakdown of proteins and fats. Free radicals react with fats in the cell membranes and change their shape or function.

Hormone: A chemical substance produced by a group of cells or an organ, called an endocrine gland, that is released into the blood and transported to another organ or tissue, where it performs a specific action. Examples of hormones include insulin, oestrogen, testosterone, and adrenalin.

Immune system: A complex system of interlocking substances and tissues that protects the body from disease.

Insulin: A hormone that regulates blood sugar and is produced and secreted by the pancreas.

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