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Revealing your Vikruti

As has already been explained, your current condition, or vikruti, may not be the same as your underlying constitution, or prakruti. If you wish to discover whether or not this is the case, go through the questions a second time, this time using crosses instead of ticks. To reveal your vikruti, answer the questions according to how you have been feeling in the more recent past, and how the descriptions relate to your current health or condition, including any illnesses or other changes, no matter how subtle, that you are currently experiencing.

When you are answering the questions, do make sure that you clearly focus either on your prakruti (your general state throughout life ticks), Medium scene haircuts tumblr or on your vikruti (current or recent state – crosses).To avoid any possible confusion, make sure that you finish with one set of answers before you start attempting to fill out and assess the questionnaire for a second time.

If you wish, you can answer the questionnaire a third time, separating questions about the mind from questions about the body. Use circles and squares to record your answers. This will indicate whether your body and mind are the same dosha. If they are different, follow the dietary advice for the mind. For example, if you have a kapha ody and a pitta mind, follow the kapha eating and exercise plan, including the massage technique, and ensure that you have soothing colours and a calm environment.

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