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The Color Purple is one of the truest expressions of our strength and our capacity for love that I have ever witnessed, expresses Webb. It shows us that as women, we can overcome anything. To be able to bring to life night after night a story written by a woman, with songs composed by women, and play such strong women characters is mind blowing! Webb continues, The Color Purple shows you how women can come out on the other side in a better way and live in love, despite the odds being firmly against them. Webb continues to celebrate that The Color Purple explores how women have the innate capacity to keep their feet on the ground and be the foundation for their family and communities; they do this with clarity of purpose and strength, no matter what chaos is going on around them. Beauty is just one of the many things celebrated in this new Broadway musical production. Medium short curly haircuts To overcome is BEAUTIFUL, to survive and to triumph is BEAUTIFUL, and to still be standing when the weight of the world tries to beat you down is BEAUTIFUL! No matter how you look at the world, for Webb and women who have seen the show, beauty isn’t just skin deep, it reaches the depths of their souls.

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