Medium short haircuts with bangs

I’ve been wearing a bun in my off time for a while now. Aside from growing up a bun-head, aka ballerina, it’s just the easiest way to mask my damaged hair. From the heat styling when on set and the constant need to rewash and condition it, it’s just in a really fragile state; not gonna even front. In terms of maintaining, I just try to keep these deep conditions on deck, and refrain from worrying and touching it too much, which is really difficult. My favorite hairstyle is probably a beachy, relaxed look, or a tousled updo. I never really like looking done up. I’m so in to the effortless beauty glam. But realistically, in my everyday look, because I’m so active and because of my hair’s damage right now, and also the length it is, (I cut it in 2014 and went even shorter last May) I’ve just been rocking this bun as I wait for it to grow long again. We know a multitude of Hollywood starlets that are all about rocking weaves and exten-sions-and have fabulous experiences working with these beauty options. However, Taylour makes it clear that wigs are cool, but extensions are not for her. I think wigs are great if you can find ones that legitimately fit your face and look. I’ve seen some rad ones. I can’t stand extensions or weaves. I had a weave a few years ago for Laker Girls and it completely destroyed my hair. I don’t think my hair has ever fully recovered. It traumatized me. It sucks because I know a lot of people whose hair thrives in them and my hair just seems to fall out with them.

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