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How to use meditation

The key to using meditation lies in recognizing that ,’ou actually need it. Once you get into the whirlpool of work and stress, they can both all too easily become an integral part of your lifestyle. In fact, they can be such a formidable cornerstone that you cannot imagine what life could possibly be like without them.

But once you stand back and see clearly and exactly what is happening to you, Medium short haircuts for women with straight hair what your life has become, then suddenly you see you actually need a way out. One of the best ways involves deep meditation.

Meditation needs to be done like regular exercise. In fact you might say you are exercising the ways in which you relax. The very first step involves switching off, like switching off a light in a room, and concentrating on what could be called the Inner Other . that is to say the marvellous, relaxed, empty inner spaces inside your head and body. This stage, put crudely, means sweeping out all the noise and mayhem and chaos of everyday life and getting ready to enter another world.

The second stage involves being carried along what one expert teacher calls a moving but going nowhere sound that coiis round and even through itself in a perpetual state of being”. Perhaps the best way of evaluating it is by hearing what people have to say after meditation. As good as a holiday” or “like a wonderful deep refreshing sleep” is what most people say. If you are to get its full, continuous benefits then you really must make sure that meditation is something that you do regularly every day, at certain times, because like almost all forms of exercise the more often you do it, the better you are at it; the quicker you can switch off and tune in, and enter that fantastic deep state of total energizing, refreshing relaxation.

You must use meditation with care though. It is not like switching on and off a tap. It needs to be respected. Few people who meditate try, even if they could, to describe its ultimate power: That would be like divulging a wonderful private secret; to have it is quite enough. simple meditation techiques While meditating might sound like something that everyone can do in just a few minutes, when you start learning to meditate you need an experienced teacher to help you understand what you have got to do. There is no point in sitting there and closing your eyes and hoping. Nothing will happen. The following techniques give a great understanding of exactly what happens. Try them and see. Introduce a child to meditation by using the Numbers Game.

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