Medium straight layered haircuts with bangs

Itch Relief Hair Oil Dry/Irritated

A lubricating, soothing oil for vaginal dryness accompanied by irritation and itching.

2 oz. mugwort-infused olive oil 1 oz. jojoba oil

2 oz. plantain-infused olive oil (see 4 drops lavender essential oil

Plantain Coconut Balm 86) 4 drops tea tree essential oil

2 oz. calendula-infused olive oil (see 3 drops chamomile essential Luscious Lotion 29) oil

Pour oils into a jar, add essential oils, cap and shake. Gently apply oil on vaginal walls and on vaginal opening. Apply as often as needed and especially before night slumber. Makes 7 oz.

Note: To make mugwort-infused olive oil, use 2 oz. of mugwort flowering tops, freshly dried and coarsely ground, Medium straight layered haircuts with bangs and 10 oz. of cold pressed olive oil. Then follow Directions for Herbal-infused Oils with Dried Herbs.

Although most of the formulas throughout this blog are for both men and women, this section will focus more specifically on men’s needs and preferences. There are specific products designed for men, such as shaving products. However, what tends to make a product suitable for a man is often its scent. In some cases, men and women enjoy wearing the same aroma. Many men are more typically drawn to certain essential oils, as listed in the box below, but they should not feel limited to these. More typically feminine scents, such as floral and fruit scents, can also be added to formulas in varying quantities to produce a wide assortment of aromas to please many men, and women too.

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