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The Theory of T’ai Chi

Like music, t’ai chi cannot be appreciated purely on an intellectual level. Medium wavy haircuts for women It also has an enormous spiritual side, and when you watch any highly experienced t’ai chi practitioners you will see how they are almost in a kind of trance, in a separate world where they cannot be touched. Correctly done, it is quite hypnotic.

For now, we must look at some of the concepts that are fundamental to the martial arts, as well as to medicine and philosophy. Although these disciplines are all treated quite separately by those in the West, they are all inseparable in the Eastern view. From thousands of years of close observation of patterns of energy, the Chinese successfully evolved a way of life that actually opes all three ingredients together


Chi is the prime driving force of human life, the spark behind thought, creativity and growth which maintains and nurtures us. It can be felt as movement of energy in the body, like the ceaseless flow of an electrical current Chi flows through the body along channels called meridians.

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