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Advice for aspiring make-up artists Be enthusiastic, inspired and keep pushing yourself to the edge. Treat everyday as a new day in your journey, and remember practice is Megan Fox the key to perfection.

Views on the Indian make-up and prosthetic industry The industry has started taking make-up design seriously. As far as prosthetics is concerned, not every one knows that this art is available here in India. My aim is to spread the news, transform actors, and show the industry that India is full of talent. Artists need a platform to prove themselves.

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Future plans Megan Fox

I start every day with a new vision, like a new character design in my mind, or an out-of-the-box concept. I plan to educate myself and my team in technology and techniques that can make a difference to the film industry. There are many film projects in the pipeline, too. Someday, I would like to educate and share my knowledge with those who are interested in the art.

II Prosthetic education is being taught at a very basic level in India. Once people accept it as an art, there is a possibility that its popularity may rise, thereby urging make-up schools to take it more seriously as a courseware.

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