Meghan Markle’s Standout Hair Moments

Meghan Markle’s Standout Hair Moments: Her Best Updos, Ponytails, Blowouts and More

French Twist

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Meghan Markle’s Standout Hair Moments

I know that you have a connection to the royal wedding since megan used to be on dealer knows yes she was a deal, or no deal model is it kind of crazy it is kind of crazy. But I find that you work with me the sky’s the limit are you taking credit for this. I think that is what I was saying, I just I have to I have to let you explain it a little bit more no no yes I agree I think she is a duchess. Because of me.

Because I am happily married taken man so if he can have howie what’s the next best thing harry what would she like on set did you get to she hates cinnamon she was had an allergy to synthetics too like cotton blend the two things I remember is she had a collection of masking tape in all different colors she loved horseback ride yeah was a bit of a fashionista.

But was somewhat colorblind, and often her colors. But love patterns she could speak with a greek accent on command she could make a like a with something with her tongue where she can make it sound like a like a bell ringing with her tone ringing I can not do it.

But she could do that she did have a lazy eye. But she knew how to turn her head in a certain direction that you would not notice she smelled like flowers, and a certain flower that is indigenous to the southwest corner of arizona what was questioning.

Pony Up

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Meghan Markle’s Standout Hair Moments

Bridal Updo

I think I nailed it I summed it up you, and your wife we have been together for so long what’s the secret to your marriage, and do you have it here mike yes yeah yeah no she will tell you that the secret to our long marriage is the fact that.

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Meghan Markle’s Standout Hair Moments

Low Tide

I am here in new york, and she is in la the fact that I am not around is refreshing you know what it is I am not good at leaving like. I would imagine this interview is over minutes ago, and I just have not fit no. But, I mean I could tell it is lingering it is lingering. I am fun to spend time with like you might want to invite me to a party after the party’s over you will be upstairs your husband, or your boyfriend.

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Meghan Markle’s Standout Hair Moments

She Bangs

You will go that is what my wife tells me. But we do not know even though we have been married for 40 years I think we have spent two months together I do not leave I am not good with goodbyes I do not know when the end is so guys you want to see more fun stuff will then make sure to comment right here the latest news interviews, and games with all of your favorite celebrities make sure to pick up the latest issue of us weekly on newsstands now, and head on over to us you.


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Meghan Markle’s Standout Hair Moments

Statement Headpiece

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Meghan Markle’s Standout Hair Moments

Braided Babe

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Meghan Markle’s Standout Hair Moments

Sleek and Shiny

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