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Look, No Hands

A smart upgrade to the analogue, this wall clock needs your help to play with light and shadow to tell the time Sometimes technology doesn’t require bells and whistles to amaze you. To make an impact, all you need is a wooden frame, a light source (like LED) and a big dose of imagination. That’s precisely how Shadowplay came to be – it’s like the sundial got a more accurate 21st century makeover. There’s nothing on its face. At first, it looks like an unassuming ambient light on the wall. Place the tip of your finger at its centre and the clock will dim all its inset illuminators except for two sources near your digit…these will cast two shadows mimicking the clock’s minute and hour hands. “This outcome is a contemporary combination of craft, technology and human interaction. It was important for us to keep that scope balanced,” says team Breaded Escalope, the Viennese collective who came up with the concept while spending a very productive summer experimenting with “interaction design” and “micro controller programming”. On their drawing board right now is a similar series of seven pieces and an ambient alarm that can be set through a Wi-Fi interface. Sneha Ullal Goel

To watch how this light works, scan this QR code with your smartphone or tablet With Shadowplay, you have an important role. Place your finger on its surface, and the light dims except for two sources that form shadows of your digit, telling you the current hour and minute

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