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She’s not taking care of herself and her friends fear something serious is going on, says an insider. She’s convinced her career is souring High levels of stress tend to increase our production of cortisol, our fight-or-flight hormone, explains nutrition specialist Melanie McGrice ( This can leave some people struggling to eat. Career crises, bitter break-ups and marriage woes – these ski n ny sta rs a re wasting away before our very eyes.

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They always made sure they were away by 08.00, before the captain and chief engineer arrived. The third engineer looked old to me, about 40, with his beard and stringy hair and bad skin and grimy, wounded engineer’s hands, but I found out he was only 26. He was from the Western Isles and spoke in a gentle burr that became more difficult to understand as he became drunker and drunker. Sometimes, when he was completely gone, he would lapse into Gaelic and start singing and then fall into weeping. The Old Man too: he had a problem. He was a gin drinker, with a ritual of sitting in the same place – end bar-stool by the porthole – at the same time, every day. At lunchtime he would arrive at 11.45 on the dot for his first drink of the day, or at least his first public drink of the day. He always had a tall glass full of ice with two slices of lemon, a double gin and a few splashes of Schweppes to fill it to the brim.

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