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When using the brush, you can simply slice out tiny strands of hair and paint the highlight formula on. It will go on easily and smoothly. Also, the brush has a pointy tip, which will help you cut through the tiny hair strands.

NOTE: After you ‘ve painted the chosen strand of hair with the product, simply lay it down on top of your other hair. Don’t worry, it won’t transfer. Just do the crown of your head and a few strands around the face at first. If you have long hair and want a few highlights in the back, ask a friend or your significant other to help. Using a mirror, you can watch to make sure they’re doing it right. Be sure to start with tiny strands at first. You can always make them wider the second time around. Remember, hair looks more natural when blended with both highlights and lowlights.

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Method Part your hair in four sections and clip back. Slice through sections of about a ^-inch, starting at the bottom. If you like the look of fewer highlights, just choose a tiny strand here and there about one inch or more apart. Paint on the lightener, and then lay the strand down over your hair.

Now slice about one inch of hair off the top and lay it over the painted strips pick up tiny little strips and paint each of them If only doing the front of your hair, which is a good idea at first, you should have between three and four tiny strands in each section.

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