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That’s life, honey.

Your mom doesn’t come with you to college. Really? Hey guys! My name is Josh and for the next three days, I’m going to attempt to wear false eyelashes. I feel excited and a little bit a little bit scared. I’m worried it’s going to fall off. I’m going to do it really badly. And I’m then terrified I’m going to lose my actual eyelashes so then I have to do this for the rest of my life. I see all of this stuff. I’m not really entirely sure how it all works. I need our resident my blog lash expert. Ugh. Can you just scooch a little bit? So I wanna know: how are you feeling right now? Terrified. I like to curl my lashes first, then mascara, then falsies. Okay. And then you curl everything together just to blend your natural lash into the false. Oh you’re not even… here. You want me to show you? Welcome to womanhood.

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I mean it’s awful. I’m going to move your hair out of your face. Okay. You already look like you have falsies on. I do! This is actually your left and this is actually your right. So think of it like this way like that. So you want to put a razor-thin line of glue. I don’t know if “razor” is a good word to describe something going towards my eye. Chin up. Stay. Okay. Oh my god. Hold on. Okay. Oh wow. Ah! Well this is going to be a look.

It looks like you have two full sets of lashes. Wow. That is… That is gorgeous. Alright, now I want to see.. you try. I would love to see that as well. There we go, there we go. Let me see. Look at that. That’s good! Help! Pull back. Pull back. Help! Oh my god. Help! What’s going on? You got it. You got it. Perfect! Ah! It’s in my eye.

Yeah, you got it. You did it. There. Perfect! It’s a little… So it’s a little uneven. You know my whole face is a little uneven. I’m a little scared that once you leave, I’m just going to be on my own with this spectacle. I’m excited and nervous to see how the next few days go. Okay. It’s early in the morning. I’ve got my coffee. I’m in my apartment. Shout out to all the women who have ever put on a full face of makeup before work. It doesn’t make any sense to me. I don’t understand how you do it. Here we’ve got my materials. I’m late for work now.

I got to go to work. It’s 10:30. I’m half an hour late already and I haven’t even walked out of my apartment. So just getting back from my favorite Indian restaurant and I got free papadum. I don’t want to say it’s because of the eyelashes, but it’s certainly not not because of the eyelashes. I think it looks really natural on you. It does look kind of natural, right? And I think you should see if you get hit on more with the eyelashes. Hey guys! End of Day One and I think I made a huge mistake ever agreeing to this. This is awful. I’m going to take them off. I don’t know if this is going to be gross. We’re going to see. This is going to be okay. Hold on, I’m going to go up to the mirror. Oh it feels so good. So that’s the end of Day One.

I’m not looking forward to Day Two. Hey what’s up? So it’s the end of Day One. I think it went pretty well. I’m feeling okay. Feeling pretty emo, to be honest. Got a few looks on the street and the office, but nothing that I couldn’t handle. Day Two better get more difficult. Because I’m killing this so far. So it’s the start of Day Two and I am not excited to put these back on. Everyone I brought this up to has pointed out that they never do it themselves, they only have other people do it. So I think it’s a little unfair that my first time, I have to do it myself. Yeah this should be a fun weekend day. Hi so it’s Day Two. I’m just walking around my neighborhood. I’m going to pick up my laundry actually. I feel like I look weird.

So I’m halfway through the day and literally it’s sticking to my eye socket. It’s going well. I feel a little more self-conscious about the eyelashes today. I think I was a little overly confident on the first day. I kind of put them on a little off. They don’t look totally correct. I’m trying to blend in and just act casual. So my cashier at the grocery store I was just shopping for dinner at noticed. And she was like, “Are you wearing mascara or do you just have amazing eyelashes?” And I was like, “I’m wearing falsies.” She’s like, “You slay with those lashes.” So that was fun. That was a good moment. That’s the first person to ever notice. I was really excited. Definitely harder. Just felt like I looked tired I wasn’t up for it.

And I just wasn’t able to feel comfortable with these things on. Well, it’s the end of Day Two. And honestly, these eyelashes barely have any semblance of hanging on. I just finished cooking dinner and eating. And it’s just sweating and hot. And it’s so weird not to be able to just wipe my face and go on. But I can’t until now. See ya on Day Three. Hey guys! It’s the last day of false eyelashes. Thank Jesus. I’m gonna go do some grocery shopping, hang out with some friends, and call it a day. I’m just a bro trying to live out here, making it hard. I’m ready for my close-up. I didn’t have time before work to do this. So I’m doing it at my desk, like so many women before me. Three days of eyelashes: done and done.

What did I learn? Mad props to the women who do this everyday. I do not envy you. I wouldn’t want to have to do it. So what have I learned from this challenge? Absolutely nothing other than I hate wearing false eyelashes. Don’t do it unless it makes you happy. And even then, question why it makes it happy. Don’t ever let them tell you that the three day challenge isn’t a challenge because it is a challenge. Thank you so much for reading Try This Challenge. If you want to suggest a challenge, comment down below. If you want to comment to my blog, click up here. And if you want to read more my blog posts, click down here.

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