Chapped lips that are dry, cracked and sore will look painful and interfere with many daily activities like eating – and kissing. To remedy the problem, use an oil-based chapstick or one that contains beeswax regularly, and avoid flavoured lip balms, as you will be tempted to lick them off and make the problem worse.


A makeshift bandage made from his shirt was wrapped around his wound and he was given a drink. The other was thrown out into the street, still bleeding; he lay prone in the dirt, people walking over him. Ozzie, the Australian bar owner, told me this after the event. The second stabbing was more a slash-and-stab affair and happened across the street from us. A Scottish sailor recounted what happened: a big fat man and a small skinny man were waving their arms and leaning into each other’s faces. The size difference made it comical until the small man pulled out his knife and whipped it across the big man’s cheek, opening his face from ear to mouth, then jumped on him and clung on like a monkey, stabbing away at his back furiously. A group of guards standing nearby piled in to cause a scrum that burst off the boardwalk onto the street in a clamber of noise. The Scot decided that this was not a place to rubberneck and came across the street to our bar. Later, after the sun went down, we heard sporadic gunfire, usually two or three shots at a time followed by silence; the event being presumably settled. A typical bar in Manila at that time was cool and loud, with a long bar, neon-lit behind, two or three people serving, and a row of faux leather stools lining the front.

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