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In this section, you’ll find some hair color “secrets” which aren’t covered in the fashion magazines’ profiles of “colorists to the stars.” Most of these tips are similar to the methods we use in the salon, with just a bit of tweaking and simplification, so they will be easy for you to use at home.

First, we’ll take a look at a few hints, which will help you achieve long-lasting hair color, regardless of the depth of deposit you want to use. To extend your hair color as long as possible, always be sure to:

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• Keep your hair in impeccable condition

• Shampoo the hair before color application

• Avoid mixing hair color with other chemical processes such as perms or relaxers

• Avoid trying to “fix” highly damaged hair with more chemicals

• Avoid selecting a color three or more shades lighter than your natural hair color unless you pre-lighten the hair

• Allow formulas to process for the correct amount of time no more, no less

• Have your re-touches done on time, each and every month Use a color refresher in between hair color services

• Protect your hair from sun damage use a leave-in conditioner and wear the “wet look” to the beach

• Do not change from one shade to another every month

If you keep these ten simple tips in mind, the life of your hair color will be extended significantly. Want even longer-lasting color? Turn down the heat with your hot appliances. Not only will your color be more vibrant, your hair will also have the beautiful natural shine you want.

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