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The body requires all the vitamins and minerals to heal burns. However, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin A, Mens fade haircut folic acid, vitamin B12, and vitamin E are especially important in the recovery from burns.

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But, of course, you know all of this already, because the stats tell us it is more than likely you are fully connected with these social media platforms yourself! BLOGS & OTHER ONLINE GROUPS Blogging is probably the earliest form of social media after all, social media is not just about networking. The different forms of social media have merged a lot over the years, with many people using multiple platforms with all of their accounts linked, but I have a lot of respect for traditional bloggers. It is a lot of work to maintain a good blog it is more time-consuming than a simple Facebook or Instagram post and it takes a lot of dedication to keep it fresh. I didn not have a blog when I first started out but was quite often mistakenly referred to as a blogger. My blog is still fairly new; I only got into it once I had a bit more time on my hands to practise writing and do it justice. Now I see how blogs and social media platforms can work really well alongside each other to spread a message and connect a community with similar interests. Instagram or Facebook accounts often lead followers to a blog or website post that can give far more detail than can be conveyed in those more limited platforms; while savvy users manage to communicate a lot through images and captions on Instagram and status updates and posts on Facebook, linking to blogs and websites can communicate a more rounded, full identity and message. I love that many of the ‘mummy bloggers’ and parenting influencers of today have built communities that provide support for parents during a stage of life that can be really lonely and difficult. Blogs and online support groups give mums (and dads) around New Zealand and the world the opportunity to connect and feel a part of something supportive and special. When I was raising my babies there were only local coffee or Plunket groups, and although these networks can be wonderful, if you didn not click with your group, it was hard to connect and feel supported.

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