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For just a slight “stain” of color, apply this diluted formula over towel-dried hair and allow the color to process for about 10-15 minutes. You can also use one ounce of shampoo instead of water, using the resulting formula as what is known in the trade as a “soap-cap”: simply suds it into your entire head like you do when you’re shampooing.

However, if you want the color to last longer, you must mix the formula exactly as directed in the instruction sheet and let it process for the suggested 30 minutes. If you use the diluted formula, you will still have a slight re-growth, but it will give you time to decide if you want to stay with the color. If you decide to use the same formula the next time, you will have to apply at the scalp for best results, especially if you have decided to change your color more than a shade or two.

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Then, bring the color out through the ends for greater deposit of the shade. This is a great formula for brunettes and redheads who are looking to change their color just a shade or two. Adding a bit of copper or auburn to wake up flat brown and dull reds is always nice. This will give the shine that is missing and keep the hair looking healthy.

HAIR COLOR RULE: If you want your formulas to last longer, you must process for the full processing time recommended in the instructions. If you just want a slight change, you can simply leave the formula on for ten minutes but understand it will fade faster as a result of the insufficient processing time.

My own hair color is rather gray and I much prefer a diffused shade of color, so, I often deliberately under-process my own blonde hair color. But then again, I can do my own color every two weeks for free. Plus, I use coloursplash! once a week, which can be found here: This product was created for the purpose of keeping hair color healthy all month long.

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