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When you use a color refresher at least once a month you will find the color pigments stay in place much longer than the average once a month color service. I believe healthy hair is clean hair so I shampoo daily. Also, if I work out (or I should say when I work out), I like my hair to smell clean.

I know some colorists don’t like the idea of daily shampooing, but I disagree. You wash your face every day, so why not your hair, too? Here’s another little trick to help when color seems to fade too fast, or when you need better gray coverage.

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2 oz. of the shade of choice

12 oz. of the developer from the box

This mixture will provide a greater deposit of the shade you have chosen. This modification is especially effective for coloring difficult-to-cover gray hair that is 50%, or more, gray. Also, to achieve better coverage remember to always shampoo and towel-dry the hair before applying the color product.

Since our hair makes a statement about who we are, consider these suggestions when selecting a shade of color that will best complement your skin tone. If you don’t get the color just right the first time around, you can always adjust it by adding highlights, lowlights, or both at the same time. Alternately, you can choose to lighten your hair color using a lighter over-all shade.

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