Mens Long Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Suitability Hairstyle

Hair Type Of Style: Type 4 Kinky Hair

Face Shape of Hairstyle: The Heart-Shaped Face, The Square Face And The Round Face

Hairstyle Density: Medium Density

Hair Textures: Fine and Coarse

Hairstyle Age Under for: 21 – 30, 31 – 40, and 41 – 50

Hair Height: Long

Hair Weight: Thin

For Glasses: Suits with

Hair Styling

Hair Style Time: 10 minutes

Products for Hairstyle: Mousse, Wax, and Hair Cream

The Right Direction to Healthy Hair and Styling

Mens Long Hairstyles For Thick Hair Photo Gallery

Again, regular is what you deem to be regular so moisture routines are going to vary. Maintenance for moisturized hair has no set formula or schedule. Some people may find they only need to wash, condition, and apply a leave in weekly. For some other curl girls, misting the hair while applying a butter, oil, or other emollient once or twice a day may do it. There is also alternating products and practices, like shampooing one wash day a month and then for every other wash day only using conditioner. Finding the best routine that works for you, your time and your hair is the best bet to strengthening and retaining moisture.

Overall, the recipes and information found in this blog are here as a guide, not a strict how-to manual. Trial and error is the best way to find out what works best for you and your curly coils. Don’t be afraid to try new things and alter these recipes based off of what you learn about yourself going through your hair care process.

Remember to blend fruits in a blender to eliminate chunks that will stick to your hair and annoy you to the highest levels of irritability. Substitute components out that you don’t like, or are allergic to, to make the recipe work for you. Let your conditioner do the job you made it for. Let it sit for an average of 30 minutes before rinsing, unless it’s a henna treatment. Do NOT deep condition overnight as too much moisture will do more harm to your hair than good. Super saturating your hair will leave you in a wet mess, while your hair appears to be limp, heavy, and weak. Apply heat to your butters prior to mixing so they are workable. Apply heat to your deep conditioners to amplify the process and encourage moisture retention. Do NOT rinse conditioners containing eggs with hot water and do not mix eggs with any hot ingredients, as you’re liable to end up with a delectable scrambled egg entree on your head. Heating up these recipes prior to using them is recommended but do not use or handle these products if they’re piping hot. Burning your scalp, or any other body part, isn’t worth the perfection of a perfectly juicy twist out.

Keep the staples in the house so if you run out of your store bought conditioner, or you just want to try something out, you can whip something up in a pinch. The staples are listed above, but a few are, water, aloe vera juice, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, mayonnaise, and/ or cocoa butter. Having a few of these ingredients lying around can mix up an amazing pre-poo, deep conditioner, or leave in conditioner.

The most important thing to remember as you find what works best for you, is that you are unique. Comparing your journey to another person’s will set you up for failure every single time. Take cues, tips, and techniques from others but remain vigilant in maintaining your hair, your way. Don’t judge your own growth cycle or hair appearance because it is naturally beautiful. Give yourself time to learn you, and what your coily strands love, as nothing happens overnight. Love your hair and the scalp it grows out of. If you’re going to compare anything, compare your hair today to where it was 6 months ago, or a year ago, or even a week ago. Track your progress. Pay attention to your triumphs and even more attention to the fails. It is a never ending journey to achieve a healthy head of hair and the most important part of that journey is a healthier you.

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