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Okay we’re back round two round, two what we’re doing is the classic slicked back. So we’re going for shine I’m looking for a really tight lead pet hair style okay. So just to give you a brief like a little bit of a tip you’re gonna want to use a brush more during the blow drying process this time okay, and brush all of my hair into position yeah which is kind of gonna be like this, and then just be you know brushing in, and Ryan I remember yeah okay you’ve never done this before let’s go ahead, and throw in some priests Tyler okay pre styling, and as an original as a pre sergeant styler look at that baby did you get no right as a freestyler we’re gonna use original pipe remark oh what a surprise what’s an excellent choice binti I had lots of options we’re gonna use round beauty I guess maybe that’s okay. So we’re gonna go like there what is that called mo safar that’s right emulsify your life with original five-room, and emulsify your life what does that mean like very wet she said yeah.

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I could have dried it down a little bit more. But I didn’t know then do you want to just dry your hands off. So we’re you guys eventually purchases eyebrows with a toothbrush people that’s not normal actually I told them that I did an eyebrow post right say yeah a toothbrush that you’re not using no problem right no prob coming down below you think brushing your eyebrows with a toothbrush is normal Colgate Total be totally ready for life right Thank You number yup to comb my hair into position first little lost boy all right I’m not changing brushes everybody because it’s pretty good pretty dry for a slick back you don’t really need to make it a hundred percent dry anyway wrong wrong one wrong product yes right lotion need product this is a new product that even I have never used before we are debuting yeah first hand what a base pomade. So this has been sent out to me by first hand they are home brewer’s I love me some home brewed product. So I’ve never actually tried the stuff before. But water-based pomades should provide a little bit of shine should provide some slick gain. So that’s what I’m expecting. So I’ve taken. So much product because it’s meant to be shiny I’m use mean to that extra shine yeah that’s part of it also when you’re going for oh it’s nice, and creamy it smells good yeah it does well it’s powerful no wait stop wood beer well what I was saying is when you’re going for a slick hairstyle you often need extra product just to make sure it really kind of keeps your hair down.

That’s why it’s appropriate to use more when you’re going for slick backs when you’re going for pompadours when you’re generally going for classic shiny hairstyles all right you know watch we’re in an office it’s okay to roughing up my hair you want to make sure you get it on the inside yeah we’re gonna be out for hours your hands out for meters not make sure you get it in the front you’re no better than poop oh. So she seems pretty decent though there’s definitely good amount of shine I keep forgetting that this is a post propagate into it alright. So I would recommend using that come first not this one just that I like spread the product out a little bit more evenly because since the bristles are wider it won’t be as hard on my hair yeah like what’s it like one of those dogs that’s like really got thick hair. So when I bet when it rains on your head, and the rain doesn’t actually go to your scalp desert I’m a waterproof head of hair alright alright say what one thing is I’m gonna come around the front oh the top it looks actually quite good why is it tough hahaha why they’re really puffy here can you pitch my back please I don’t get it oh wait down vintage dum started this off she’s gotten you know a pretty good chunk of what needs to be of what needs to happen I’m just gonna kind of show you, and then you can redo it a little bit if you want.

In hindsight this probably was a little bit too much product. But we had never used this before it’s actually a really strong holding water water-based pomade if you guys are looking for something like that not very good it’s really good smelling some serious grip I’m actually really surprised check it out from the front yeah oh yeah because what you were kind of doing is pulling it straight down, and back, and what I’m doing is lifting it up lifting it up a little bit like that, and I’m lifting throughout, and then I kind of come the back down combing this side down, and when you pat it all together you got yourself a pretty decent slicked back is it cool to sit back cuz it it’s like a tongue hmm that’s a shake of the time though yeah. But a tongue isn’t call us look back. So we’re gonna have you practice this.

Within T’s new knowledge of wire what we can do all right yeah more up there you go in that better yeah that’s looking pretty good just. But besides yeah I’m done with this you can this area just comb that flat I think you’re good that’s some strong smelling product let’s have a look. So this is the finish version bin tease attempt at slicked-back I think it’s pretty good there’s a little bit of lines here, and there. But for a first attempt I’d say very good first attempt that’s what I’d say, and the nice thing about a water-based pomade is it doesn’t dry up. So if you do kind of mess it up, and you feel like it could look better you can do that this products been in my hair for good at least ten minutes now, and I’m still a book brief silent as much as I want I’m actually really surprised at how well first hand supplies pomade water-based pomade works. So if you guys are in the market for a water-based pomade I do highly suggest checking these guys out first hand supply cool packaging home-brewed which I like, and good solid product check it out check out the finished look all right I am the next men’s pass tile you know I did I went yesterday alright kids thanks for reading see you next time thanks guys this has been the Joan Pinchot read in T comes in styles Joe’s hair tune in next time for some more joey dinky hairstyles yeah thanks guys for checking out this week’s post again social media stuff related to Denton can be found in the description along with my stuff along with original along with cavalier along with first hand supply all solid products with that said I think we’re gonna tune out we’ll see you guys or I’ll see you guys next time we have to do a big one because we’ve gotta get below the camera line see ya oh they can see our legs bye Oh.

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