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Mermaid Half Braid Hey guys! I’m Abby from LA! Today I’m here with Kamri! Hi Guys! And, we are going to show you how to do a Mermaid Half Braid! I love this style, because it’s so cool, I don’t know, like just, kind of, drapes down the hair! Which is what I think is fun about it! She wore it to school the other day, what did people say about it? They really liked it, thought it was cool! They thought it was cool, so we’re going to film a tutorial for you guys! Now, to begin with, i’ve parted her hair in the middle, And, we’re going to flip her around. And, we. she has pretty straight hair anyway, but, I straightened it just so that it looked really, really smooth and pretty. And the one thing you want to make sure, is that you have your hair brushed or combed backwards, Right here, because you want this to lay, like, lay really smooth underneath the braid. So, we’re going to go to the front of her face, We’ll turn her so you can see what I’m doing.

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And I’m just going to grab a small little piece, right here, and I am going to pull it back. And I want to make sure that it’s not, like, too big of a wide strip, we want just a really narrow, little piece. And, if you want, you can even, you know, just spritz a little bit of spray wax on it, just to to make sure that it keeps that, kind of, a really polished look. And, I’m going to grab one from each side. Will you hold this please? For a second? So I don’t lose that one again. Same thing on this side. Just grab a small piece. and, I like, just make sure you like the way it looks, and you’re not going to pull the hair very tight, at all. Spray that a little tiny bit. You don’t have to add the wax, you can do it without. OK, now, on this left side, I’m actually going to grab two pieces, because, we have to have three strands to start a braid. So, I’m going to go up here and find a second one. Then, I’m going to take all three of them, and, the trick here. is to just make sure that you are doing it loose. Like, you don’t want. you don’t want to pull it so tight that it’s like this. You really want it to, like, drape, and fall naturally on her head. And, then, I’m going to begin a stitch, right here, with the three pieces, and you’ll see, I’m even going to go back, right now, and, kind of, like, just. relax my hand. So that it falls right where, like, the base of her head is. And, then I’m going to come up here, and grab another little tiny piece, and pull it back, and add it into the braid. Now, we’re just beginning our French Braid, that’s what we are doing, we’re just adding in hair to form our French Braid. But I’m just doing really small little sections. Like, little small strands. Like, see, that one, to me, is too wide, so I’m going to go back pick up one that’s smaller. Yep! Here we go! And, same thing on this left side. And, back again, to the right. This took minute.

OK, now, when you get to where you feel like you’ve added enough pieces, then I’m just going to complete it using a regular braid, all the way down. You can see that I’ve picked up small enough pieces that there’s separation between the strands, and that’s what you really want to see. That’s what makes it look like more of a Mermaid Braid and less like a regular French Braid, and that’s what you’re really going for here. So it’s really important that you just pick up very, very small pieces when you’re doing this braid. And, we only did, about, maybe four inches of braiding, And, then. well, you could continue it all the way down, and add in pieces all the way to the end if you wanted to. But, I like how it just looks, like, it’s just, kind of, like an accent half way through. Which is why I’m calling it the Mermaid Half Braid. OK, let’s do the final spin! Doo, doo, doooo! There you have the Mermaid Half Braid! And, back around to the front. Now, for me, another couple options, I love accessories, so you could stick a bow at the end. You could pop a bow just right at the end of the Mermaid Tail. Or, you could do something fun, and, kind of, more boho, like, add these cute flowers. Like this! Right here! And, then tie it back behind, and it would look really cool with the leather kind of draping by the braid, as well! Any of those are awesome options on ways to mix it up, depending on what you feel like! Some exciting news, you guys! We haven’t done a giveaway on our blog for a long time! And, I recently discovered these awesome rose-gold, Taylor headphones by Frendz! So, I decided to give away a pair, as well, to one of you guys! So, there is only one requirement to enter, it’s CRAZY easy! It closes on September th, at :pm my time, which is Central Time. And. yeah! I think that’s it! You guys. ENTER. they’re awesome! They are SO good, I love them! And they’re cute, I get compliments on them all the time! And, we’ll see you guys Sunday! Bye guys! Bye! Click here to comment! Click to watch our Run Braid Combo tutorial!

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