Mermaid Heart Braid Valentines Day Hairstyles

Hey, y’all. I’m Abby from LA, and today I’m here with Miss Kamri. Hi, guys. And we’re going to show you, because it’s almost Valentine’s Day, a Valentine inspired hairstyle that we’re calling the mermaid heart braid. It’s kind of a combination of the mermaid braid, the way you pull hair in, and several hearts. It’s a great hairstyle. Hey, guess what, you guys? Before I forget, we’re almost to three million commentrs, so if you don’t want to miss any hair tutorials, be sure to click this button right here and comment to our blog. Let’s start on the hair. OK. You can see that I started her hair with it being wet, and you can definitely do this hairstyle dry.

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I like to do it wet because I think the hearts hold their shape a little bit better, but certainly, we’ve done it dry before and it works just fine. I’m going to go to the front of her head and just pick up a piece of hair, a small section right that at the front and the top. If you want to put a little pomade in it, you can just run it down the hair strands like this, and that’ll help keep that shape of the hair that we’re making right there. Will you hold this piece for me for one second? I’m going to go and do it on the other side, as well. I’ll just pick up a small section of hair and add just a little bit of pomade to it, too. OK. We’re going to pull those pieces back to the back of the head. And we want them to lay pretty gently. What you don’t want happening is this, like where the hair’s pulling clear up on the head. So you want it to just sort of lay and fall gently to the back of the head, and then you’re going to secure it with an elastic. Just figure out where your middle is and secure it. OK. So we have our first section set. Now you’re going to go and pick up another little piece of hair from the front.

I really want it from those front pieces. I don’t want it going back too far. So this is kind of how the same mermaid effect, right, where you’re picking up the outside pieces and sort of overlaying them on the rest of the hair. And again, I’m just going to add a little bit of pomade to keep those strands really put together. What you’re going to do is take the strand and you’re going to take your two fingers your pointer finger and your middle finger set them on top of that strand, and then reach them up under the bottom of the first strand. And you’re just going to put that strand right in between the two fingers and it’s going to tug that strand down and through. And you can see that we’ve just made our first little heart loop. Now I’m going to go and do it on the other side, as well. Pick up a little section of hair.

Add a bit of pomade. Bring the hair back. Same thing on this side take my two fingers, put it on top of that strand, and then under the original, and pull it through. OK. Now you’ve got your heart and you can kind of tweak those in or out a little bit, depending on how you want your heart shaped. And then go ahead and pull those down, make the heart shape, and using another elastic, secure them. And you can secure them to that bottom piece if you like. I’m just going to do mine right on top of it. And you can see that we have our first heart in the hair. Now I’m just going to go back and continue repeating these steps down through the center of her head. OK. At this point you can see that we’ve got three hearts. So this is where your creativity kicks in. You can continue doing the hearts all the way down the ponytail, just keep on going and have a full braid, or you can stop here and put a fun bow in, or you can gather it all together and create just a regular braid, or you could even finish drying this and then curl it all. I mean this is totally up to you guys on how you finish this. I really just like the three and then I’m going to get a red and put in there so it looks really Valentiney. Let’s do the final spin. You can see that I blow dried the ends and then just put some curls through them. You can start with the hair dry and go ahead and use the curls that you already have or you could have finished it with a braid or a fishtail if you wanted to keep the wet look. Either one would have worked. We just wanted to show you curls. And there you go, a great Valentine’s look. Tighten it up and then once you have the knot in your hair, take a bobby pin, straddle the knot with the bobby pin, and then push it straight. Nice. Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all? What? Who’s the fairest of them all? Who would that be? Moi.

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