Messy Bun Hawk Dance Hairstyles

Hi, I’m Jill. Hi, I’m Brighton. We’re going to show you how to do the messy bun-hawk today. We love this hairstyle because it’s super easy, it’s fierce and fancy, yet it holds amazing for sports and performances. It can be done on any age, hair texture. And you can even do it on yourself. I’ve just put her hair, just teased it a little bit and put it in just a little poof and one ponytail. And then we’ve got two, three, and four. And we’re just going to make messy buns with them. So when I put in the elastic, I just don’t pull it all the way through. So here’s her ends. So it makes like a big bubble. But her hair is so long that I wad it up.

Messy Bun Hawk Dance Hairstyles Photo Gallery

And I have another clear elastic that I wrap around it. And then I’ll just bobby pin. I’m just going to put a couple in to start. And then we’ll reshape it more when we get the other ones in. When I put in the elastic on the last time around, I don’t pull it all the way through. So I just leave the tails out a little bit. And then I just take this part, and I mess it up. Since her hair is so long, I’m going to wrap another teeny little clear elastic around. I just call this a wad or a mess. And then we’re just going to secure it with some bobby pins. I’ll come back and do some final shaping at the end. If you’re going to play sports or dance or be active in this hairstyle, make sure that when you put in the bobby pins that you cross them. It just locks it in place. OK. And then we’re going to do the same thing with the next one. And then I’m just going to do some final shaping. It’s supposed to look messy. So the little flyaways just add to it. But anything like this big loop that’s hanging out, I would bobby pin in. And there you go. There it is. So after you’ve done the final shaping, you just spray it with hairspray.

And you are finished. Just like the other bun-hawk or bow-hawks, you could put rhinestones. You could put pearls. You could put a headband. You can put anything in it. Yep. Bows, appliques, any kind of accessories. Should we do the final spin? Yeah. OK. It looks great from the front, and the side, the back, the other side. Thanks for coming and watching today. Please, please, please give us a thumbs up. Like us down below. comment. Add us to your favorites list, and come back and watch more. Thank you. Buh-bye. Bye. Over the right. Since the middle two are crossing, it’s easy to go under two and back over one. So we’ve got one, two, three four.

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