Messy Bun Holiday Bobby Pins Hairstyles

Good morning, everyone. So today we are going to film another Valentine’s ‘do. And this is one I’m calling actually Holiday Bobby pins. It’s not really a hairstyle, it’s a way to dress up a fun hairstyle. So what I’ve done is a messy bun. And I have two posts already on YouTube showing how to do messy buns. So find the favorite one that you have and then create a messy bun. So what I’ve done next is I’ve just gone to Walmart and I just bought a thing of ribbon. It’s like, maybe ,. for a whole little spool of grosgrain ribbon. And I cut a little piece off. Then I take my bobby pin and I slide the ribbon up the bobby pin, and just tie one simple knot.

Messy Bun Holiday Bobby Pins Hairstyles Photo Gallery

And you can do this. I’m doing red for Valentine’s, but you can do green on Saint Patty’s Day or in red, white, and blue on the th of July. And then you take your bobbies and you just stick them into the messy bun wherever you want them. Just get them pushed down in there. Place the ribbons wherever you want them. And this is a fun way for like, cheerleaders or even dancers to dress up their buns or their ponytails or their braids without changing the hairstyle, but still making them a little bit festive and fun. You could even use ribbons that match your school colors or anything like that. And then you’re done. Fun, easy way to be festive.

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