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Hey guys. I’m Abby from LA. And you’re going to be so excited today because I have Andrea here from Andrea’s Choice. Hi. I know you guys all love her blog already. She is going to let me play with her gorgeous curly hair. And we are going to do a hairstyle that I am calling the messy fishtail braid. OK, we are going to go ahead and begin. And what you’re going to do to start with is just take a section of hair. On Andrea I’m just going to kind of go like right behind her ear. I’m going to use my thumb and just grab a section. What we want is we don’t like want a really super defined chunk of hair. Like you don’t want to see the part lines. So we’re just going to kind of do a really casual part. And I don’t want to go clear up into her bangs so I’m just going to grab those and let them fall back behind. We’re going to go on the other side and do the same thing, just grab a section that we like. And then we are ready to begin. I’m going to pull them towards the back of her head and secure it with an elastic. Now I’m going to just use an elastic that’s pretty close to the color of her hair so that it blends in.

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So this one’s black. You can use whatever matches your hair. And then I’m going to take it and just flip it under once. This is just going to add a little twist to the fishtail that’s going to add a little variation from just your standard fishtail. And then of course, like any other fishtail you divide the hair in half and you start fishtailing. So you’re going to grab a piece from that outside right and cross it over and then grab a piece from outside left and cross it over. This is where it gets really boring because everyone that does fishtails know they just take time. I’m actually not that great at it yet. Fishtailing? Yeah. Fishtailing is really easy, don’t think? I’ve been working on my technique. Do you think it’s harder than a regular braid? Yes. Well, I think it’s because whenever I’m doing an abnormal braid I always want to do like the standard braid. So it’s like it’s getting my mind to not want to do the standard three strand braid. The nice thing about Andrea’s hair that some of you guys may not know is that she actually has really a lot of natural curl. And she has kind of curled her hair today with some pin curls, so it’s not exactly what her true natural is, but we do have that natural texture to it which is a fantastic because I always get viewers asking me, how do you do curly hair? And now you’re going to know this is a great one for curly hair. So fun trivia fact, Andrea and I are both going to Hawaii, but not together. Why can’t we go together? I know, we should. We’re going to different islands. Yes, I’m going to Kona and you’re going to I’m going to Kauai.

Kauai is better. OK, we’re almost done. Really? I’m hurrying, I’m hurrying. So to mess it up you just literally grab the edge of any of those pieces of hair and just give them a tug. I call this a pancaking technique, so if you’re one of my viewers you know that this is pancaking. It’s just kind of flattening and messing up your perfect braids. I use this, seriously, all the time. I almost never do just regular braids anymore. And you’re just going to pull and tweak here and there until you like it. And again, personal preference. You can do it as big and lose and messy as you want or you can just do slightly messy. What do you like? Do you like really big, messy? I do. I usually, I like the messy side braid. That’s like my favorite hairstyle to do and it’s so easy. But I usually you know, pull it to the side, I curl it, I do all this stuff. And then I’m like make it really big and I start pulling my braid out. I especially like the messy fishtail on hair like this when it’s kind of curly on the bottom because it’s such a, sort of a contrast between the texture of the fishtail and then the crazy, messy, fun waves.

I remember when I was young I did not like when my mom put my hair in a braid. I felt like she was holding me back. But now I love braids, it’s like my go to hairstyle. So I just secured it with and elastic. Now I’m going to go back and just refluff again. And we have this fun, nice, puffy fishtail that’s really soft against those waves. And I’m going to just pull out right there a little bit more. At that’s even going to hide that elastic better. And there you go, the messy fishtail braid. The hairdo is so easy and fast and simple. Make sure and go check out Andrea’s blog because we’re going to actually upload a homecoming hairdo for curly hair on her blog. So you’ll love it. We’ll see you guys later. Bye. So, you see how like really messy that is? Now we’re going to use that to lay up and over the top. And we’re going to make sure that we cross over those bobby pins so that we hide them. And then we’re just going to take those ends, we’re going to wrap them under, and we’re going to bobby pin again.

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