Messy Side Braid Hairstyles

Hi, my lovelies. I’m Abby from LA, and today we’re going to do a really easy hairdo that everyone’s been asking about, because it’s really popular right now. And it’s just a messy side braid. So as you can see, I have my extensions in today. They’re just clip in extensions that I put in when I want to do something with a little bit longer hair. And I just kind of have yesterday’s curl sort of brushed out. I just used my curling one on my hair yesterday, and this is just left over. So I am just going to take my hair and pull it to one side. And you can see where my hair ends, and sort where the extensions begin. And that’s going to give me some very natural layering effect.

Messy Side Braid Hairstyles Photo Gallery

So the best way to have a messy side braid is to have layers in your hair, because then you have the ends that pop out. I’m going to take my hair and scoop it to one side. And just simply section my hair into three parts, and begin to braid. Now, as the ends pop out which you will see happen we just want to let that happen. That’s part of the messiness to the braid. And braid it all the way down the length of your hair. And then when you get to the bottom, secure it with a rubber band. Now I’m not going to go all the way down hair strand, because you’ll see why in a minute. I’m going to actually loosen my braid a little. So you can leave your hair like this.

Or you can go ahead and loosen it, which makes it look more messy. Now, I call this pancake braid. We’re going to change this into a little bit of a pancake which, I have another post, and I’ll put the link to my pancake braid. But you’re just going to tug on those edges. And you could pull specifically on the outside edges. And that’s just going to loosen that braid up even more. It makes your hair look thicker than it really is, because the braid’s laying flat, and it’s not as tight. And then you go back, and any little pieces that you’re having stick out, just tuck in. And then, for me, I’m just going to let some kind of pop out here, and on this side here as well. And if I have one or two that really bug me in the back, you can always take a bobby pin, and just kind of secure them in by the nape of your neck a little bit in the back. And there you go. You have a really fun, very messy side braid that’s really fun and very popular right now. See you guys later.

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