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Hey, guys. I’m Abby from LA and today we are with Brooklyn. Hi. And she’s going to help me to teach you guys how to do the split fishtail braid. This is probably one of the most requested braids we’ve ever had. I’ve just been getting flooded with Tweets and emails and Instagrams and everything else asking me for this particular hairstyle. It’s actually very similar to another one that we taught you called the box fishtail, but it’s using a little bit different technique that I’m going to show you right now. So to begin, I parted her hair off to one side slightly and I’ve left out a few little loose pieces because we like the fullness around her face.

Messy Split Fishtail Braid Cute Braids Photo Gallery

I’m going to take the rest of her hair and just gather it back to right below her ear on one side. I want this braid to fall over her shoulder so I don’t want it to be dead center in the back of her head. And we’re going to really loosen the braid at the end, so you don’t need to be too picky about how slicked in or tight this is, because ultimately it’s going to be much messier and looser anyway. So now I’m going to take an elastic this is an option. If you want to start the fishtail at this point you can, but this is a nice trick to just take an elastic and just even once or twice, you can do either one, but you want it loose. You don’t want it tight. So just tight enough that it kind of holds the hair in place a little bit. It’s just going to give you an extra little security while you start your first couple of stitches of fishtail. We’re going to take the hair and divide it into two. Now, normally you would take a piece and go over one at a time. What we’re going to do this time is take a little bit bigger section. We’re going to take our finger and split it right down the middle. So now we have two pieces. We’re going to take one on top and we’re going to take that back half around the back. So we have now put this piece of hair right through the middle of those two pieces and we’re going to bring them back together and add them into the section on the left. Now we’re going to take a section on this left side and we’re going to divide it half and do the same thing. Bring half of it around the back, half of it around the front, and bring them right into this right hand piece.

You’re going to continue to do this all the way down the hair. So this is why it’s called a split fishtail, because you’re splitting that piece in half and wrapping one on top and one on bottom at the same time. You can see this is where that elastic plays in, just because it just adds a little security in the hair for these few seconds while we’re doing this. When you get the braid going just a little tiny bit more, then it’s like the hair’s all stuck together in its rightful place and it becomes very easy to just keep the braid going, but right at the beginning, it can be tricky. OK. When you get to the end, I’m going to leave several inches because we’re going to end up pulling that hair up. Go ahead and secure it with an elastic. And you can see basically we’ve just created a box fishtail. So this is a similar we used a little different technique, but it ends up looking very similar to my original post of the box fishtail. And yes, her hair does have layers you can see a few of them poking out and that’s going to be totally fine. We’re going to go back and release this elastic at the top. You can use scissors or just pull it and it will break. And that’s going to loosen the hair up at the top and soften it the way we want it to be. And now we’re going to go back and work the magic. So we have kind of here two braids. We have one on top and one back behind. What we’re going to do is start pulling the edges, pancaking it, just the braid that’s behind only the braid that’s behind. Only the fishtail behind it. So you can see we’re just pulling on those outside edges. And this is where you’re going to end up pulling some of this hair, that’s why you left a few inches at the bottom. And there you have your split fishtail braid. OK. Let’s do the final spin. So pretty. Sure to generate many, many compliments. Now, if you guys loved this post, give us a thumbs up. Be sure to comment to our blog by clicking the comment button so that you can see our other amazing tutorials. And you can follow us on Instagram at LA. Be sure to check us out there. We post lots of great pictures every day. And we will see you guys next Sunday. Bye, you guys. Bye. And pick up a little bit of hair. And again, I’m looking for that pulled back motion in the hair and then falling piece. I love this braid, Brooklyn. Yeah, it’s pretty well, from what I can see.

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