Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright

He’s usually perfectly poised atred-carpet events and, when it comes to speaking about her seven-month marriage to Mark Wright, she’s careful with her comments. But according to reports, at a recent awards bash Michelle Keegan was much more open.

Michelle is said to have told journalists at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women Awards that she was feeling very horny as she hadn’t seen Mark, 28, for over two weeks while he was away working, saying: I think I’m the horniest person in the room. I just fancy everyone!

But pals say Michelle, also 28, has been left red-faced by the I just want to have fun with George’ he kept rumours of a romance alive when she was snapped canoodling in a pool with former I’m A Celeb! campmate George Shelley and then confessed: I skipped the fancy stage -1 love him!

But pals say despite The Only Way Is Essex’s Ferne McCann insisting it wasn’t a showmance, she is happy the public are seeing a new softer side to her.

An insider reveals: Ferne has a reputation for being a controversial character on TOWIE, so she wanted to show the other side of herself on I’m A Celeb! and she’s happy for the romance to be played out in public.

She’s very fond of George and they’re both enjoying their blossoming friendship. They love spending time together and she’s excited to see where things lead.

Ferne, 25, had an on/off romance for five years with her former co-star Charlie Sims before splitting earlier this year, and pals say she’s not rushing into anything with Union J star George, 22, for now.

A source says: Ferne knows people want a good love story at Christmas, but for nowshe just wants to focus on having fun with George and will see where it leads.

Pals say there’s tension between Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright after she admitted feeling horny’ report in a tabloid newspaper and it’s caused tension between her and Mark.


A source says: Michelle’s mortified that she talked about her sex life and that it was printed in a paper. She was a bit tipsy when she said it and of course it was all in jest, she’s usually very coy about that side of things, she doesn’t even divulge much with pals. Mark was annoyed by the story as he feels there are certain things that shouldn’t be discussed in public.

And pals fear things could become strained for the couple next year, as Michelle will be away in Kenya for five months filming TV drama Our Girl.

The source says: Markis nervous about the effect the distance might have on their marriage. He’s dreading her going as he’ll miss her so much. As Closer previously reported, the couple have clashed over their career plans, with Michelle wanting to pursue acting while Mark is keen to start a family, but pals say they’re determined to put their all into their marriage.


The source adds: Things have been difficult with Michelle’s stint in Africa looming over them. Michelle is convinced that with Mark flying over for visits and daily phone calls, they’ll be fine, but Mark can’t help but worry the distance will be tough. He says he’ll do whatever he can to see her as much as possible.

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