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I feel like this is.. not going to bode well for me. Hey guys! This is Mi-Anne and I’m here with someone who really needs no introduction, it’s Michelle Phan! I am dying. Michelle was one of the OG rs that I started reading, what, six years ago when I first got on… A decade ago. Yeah, she’s been on for a decade! We have something very exciting today. Michelle’s coming out with new products, the first in four years, right? This a rebirth of my beauty brand that I acquired and now full control, full leadership over the branding, the products, which we will now unveil.

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Ah! We’re gonna be launching eight new lip shades and two new liquid liners, one felt and one brush tip. Our eyeliners, they’re inspired by art pens because I went to illustration school so we knew the value in investing in a really good pen. So two eyeliners, liquid liners that we’re launching. One is felt tip and one is brush tip. A brush tip is great if you want to have a fluid line that’s dynamic so going very thin and very thick. But with felt, it’s great because felt gives you a nice bolder, graphic line. We have three looks that we are going to do today. I’m really excited about it. Let’s play with the lip first. We’ll build. Okay. We should do this as if we’re actually getting ready for an event. We’re creating a look. I recommend like, don’t overline or overdraw. This isn’t a liquid lipstick. Start right around the bottom and start building from there.

I like this color. It’s kind of a like a cool.. almost like a bold nude, you know? Oh, it’s beautiful on you. You said that we can do other things with this, right? You can use it as a blush? Yes. I’m gonna do it in the same color, go for that monochromatic look. Oh wait, they blend so nicely. It has a matte finish, so it’s not gonna look greasy or anything. But it has hydrating benefits where it’s not gonna feel drying. Usually before I pat, I warm up my fingertips really fast. Just to get more blood there and then with the heat, then you can just go in. So we just did lips and cheeks. Let’s do the last and final look. Yes. Are you down for eyeliner? I’m not wearing eyeliner right now and I feel very naked. This is the brush.

You have so much room to just play with. This is the felt. You see how the line here, it’s not as dynamic right? It’s not as thick and thin. If you have a certain line, if you want a straight edge line or that graphic look, this is your baby. But, if you want to master both, I mean that’s what I do. I use both. Don’t be afraid of liquid liners. I know that they can come off as intimidating, but if you can draw a line, you can use a liquid liner. Doesn’t it look so good? Oh my gosh! It looks so good. The flicks are so crisp. Beautiful! This felt one, if you want, you can use it to darken that outer line. It does have a lot of pigment in it. Are you down to do like a graphic– Yes! I love graphic eyes! I wing my eyeliner like I wing my life. As you’re drawing out the line, you wanna create tiny little dashes first so that you have less room for mistakes and from there, start connecting the lines and keep it fluid. Let your hand do all the movement and follow your natural crease line. Then we can just darken it.

Yeah? Why not, right? Thicker or just more opaque? Just more opaque. So the reason why a lot of people, they like to keep their mouth open… There’s a reason behind that? I thought that was just like, a thing. It relaxes the face muscle, when you open your mouth. Oh! That’s cute. Oh my gosh. The graphic eye is done. I love it. It’s so opaque, the color. Was it easy to do? And apply? It was actually pretty easy to do. I am obsessed with this look. Thank you so much for giving us a little sneak peak on this collection which is launching on the 17th, right? Yes, on the 17th. Thank you so much dude! Thank you! Such a weird moment for me. Like, I literally used to read your old posts. It’s crazy. Thank you guys so much for reading me get glammed up with Michelle. Be sure to click on comment button to comment to my blog and click on comment button to read more posts.

And check out Em Cosmetics when they relaunch their products on April 17th. Bye!.

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